Cleaning Beyond What The Eye Can See

About Us.

We’re also a business, and we understand how much pressure there is behind running a company and taking care of your clients, your employees, and your properties.

With our years of experience and our comprehensive knowledge, we help our clients improve their productivity, boost the quality of life at work, and provide you a great first impression to your customers and residents–all by providing you with a reliable, fresh, and clean service for your space.

The Face
Behind Clean Sweep
Carrie MacLean

I’ve been cleaning all my life and I understand how to do it–the right and safe way. I founded Clean Sweep because I believe that a clean space brings benefits beyond what meets the eye, and my mission to provide results that improve the quality of life and of work of my clients. I see what others can’t see, and I’m glad I can use my experience and knowledge to help provide your property or business with a fresh and sanitary environment.

Let’s be business partners!

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